LUSTRE Collection

A unique flooring collection with an ever-changing appearance, inspired by the way light bounces off the surface of minerals and rocks.

In its range of vinyl floor coverings, 2tec2 has created a unique collection that is sure to take the centre stage in your project. Through innovative techniques and inspired by nature, 2tec2 has envisioned a flooring proposition that drastically changes appearanc

e based on the viewing angle of the spectator.

Inspired by geology and exploration below the surface of the earth, this collection wants to be discovered over and over again.

LUSTRE, the name of this collection itself stems from the mineralogical term describing the way light bounces off minerals, crystals & rocks, in the same way the light bounces off this collection and creates its ever-changing appearance.

The assymetrical pattern found in the material of the flooring proposition is composed of different shapes. These shapes refererence the occurrence of mathematical patterns in natural crystaline structures.